Oblun Eco Resort


Welcome to Oblun Eco Resort, located in the heart of magnificent nature, where together we create a unique experience of the dynamic environment, vivid history, and extraordinary cultural charm of our country.


The idea and concept of Oblun Resort is the valorisation of the family property in seven impressive locations in the heart of ravishing nature, offering an authentic combination of adventure and vacation.
It’s nestled among rolling, sun-drenched hills and shady forests in the village Briđe – municipality Podgorica, contributing to the overwhelming feeling of wildness.
We prioritize sustainability and wild nature conservation, while promoting agriculture and hospitality development, making that way a positive impact on the environment.

Offering seclusion in the heart of untouched nature, the stone villa Oblun is currently available for rent at the location, from whose shady terrace you can enjoy
the magic of the sunset, while at the same time absorbing the magnificent view of wild nature. Three luxuriously equipped tents located among the trees, parking and marked places for your tents are also available.
A restaurant is also under construction, which will offer guests the pleasure of recognizable modern Montenegrin gastronomy, whose rich local flavors with an emphasis on organic production are woven into every dish.
Isolated in a perfectly untamed environment, it will embrace all those who are looking for an adventure that provides the experience of merging with the beauty of nature.

link: www.oblun.com

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