Stone Bridge on Sastavci

Podgorica citizens especially love this favourite romantic place, and the youngsters gave it a nickname Skaline. The old stone bridge at the mouth of the Ribnica in Morača, dating back to the Roman times, is the oldest in Podgorica. According to available data, this bridge is one of the few remains of the former Grimm city that was located in this area. Older inhabitants of Podgorica call this bridge “A bridge on Sastavci”, because the area around the mouth of the Ribnica in Morača was called Sastavci. The bridge is built of a single arch and it is only a few meters high. The story goes that it has been built from the river rocks and has always been a favourite meeting place for lovers, a gathering place for young and old, where they refresh themselves in hot summer months, in a pleasant natural area, just by the river.

The sunset from “Podgorica Bridge of Sighs” is something that cannot be forgotten.

Vizer's Bridge

According to all indications it was probably built by Grand Vizier Mehmed – Pasha Sokolovic in 16th century. It was the only bridge in Podgorica for many years. It was arched stone bridge, with a large harbor, and small side arches, which leaked water of swollen Morača during heavy rains.

The Vizier`s bridge after the Second World War was thoroughly reconstructed (leveled and paved) and its name was also changed to Vako Djurović bridge.

Blažo Jovanović Bridge

Blažo Jovanović Bridge is a bridge on the Morača River. It is located near the confluence of the rivers Ribnica and Morača, and is part of the Boulevard of St. Peter of Cetinje. The bridge is 115.20 m long and 22.35 m wide and is the busiest city bridge. The Blažo Jovanović Bridge was built in the 1950s. It was designed by the world-famous architect Branko Žeželj. It was named after the revolutionary and national hero Blažo Jovanović. The bridge was reconstructed for the first time in 1985, the second time in 2008, and it was officially opened in March 2009, when decorative lighting was installed to adorn it at night.

Union bridge

In 2003, Podgorica got a modern bridge, the Union bridge. It was built precisely to relieve traffic over Blažo Jovanović Bridge.

The place where this bridge was built used to be called “Horse entrance”, because it was on this part of the bank of the River Morača where horses descended.

Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge was built over the Morača River, the largest river in Montenegro and connects old and new parts of the city. This is a suspension bridge with 57 meters high pylon above the road, with 12 cables, while another 24 are attached to counterweights. It is about 140 meters long across the river (173 meters from one end of the bridge to another) and 24 meters wide. It was built in less than a year, and its opening coincided with the country’s entry into a new, the 21st century – the era of technology and progress, which is reflected in bridge design. Millennium Bridge was built according to a project of Balkan architect, Mladen Ulićević, a professor of civil engineering.

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