How to get there?

Podgorica is the hub of all main roads in the country. Besides the hospitality of the people,safety is something that is meant when you come to the capital of Montenegro.

Podgorica has excellent geographical location, good road and air connections. The proximity of European centers of the north and the south of Montenegro make it easily accessible. Distance from the Adriatic Sea is about 40 km of the air line and 60 km of the ground line and just 19 km far from Lake Skadar. It is situated at a distance of 12 km from Podgorica Airport, 81 km from Tivat Airport and 153 km from Cilipi in Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Distance from other cities in Montenegro:

  • Podgorica – Cetinje 30km
  • Podgorica – Budva 65km
  • Podgorica – Bar 60km (tunnel Sozina)
  • Podgorica – Ulcinj 95km
  • Podgorica – Kotor 90km
  • Podgorica – Herceg Novi 125km

How to get there by plane?

Airport Podgorica (TGD) is situated in Podgorica and is one of two airports in Montenegro. Another one is situated in Tivat (TIV). Airport Podgorica is a public airport with the international traffic, and is located on 12 km away from Podgorica.

All contents of this object contribute to the overall offer of the airport and it is trained in the best possible way to fulfill the expectations of travelers. Companies that regularly operate at this airport are: Air Mntenegro, Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Croatia Airlines, and during the summer, there are various charter airlines.

  • Phone: +382 20 444 240, +382 20 444 242
  • Fax: +382 20 444 241
  • E-mail:
  • Web:

How to get there by train?

The seat of the Railway Transport of Montenegro is located in the capital. The railway station in Podgorica is located in a very convenient location, near the city center, near the bus station. The total length of the railway network in Montenegro is 335.46 km. This network connects Montenegro with Serbia and Albania. The most important railway is Bar-Belgrade, which is important for the economy of Montenegro, Serbia and Europe and which also attracts tourists from Serbia, Albania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Russia. Railway transport has developed cooperation with railway administrations from the area. Therefore, as part of the European railway system, it is directly involved in activities related to the organization of passenger transport and participates in international meetings where the organization and timetable of passenger trains between European railway administrations are agreed.

  • Contact: +382 20 441 211
  • Address: Trg golootočkih žrtava 13
  • Web:
  • Phone: +382 20 441 403
  • Tel 2: +382 20 441 250
  • Tel 3: +382 20 441 155

How to get there by bus?

This important communication hub is now operated by the company “Intours”, a private joint stock company involved in tourism, transport and services. It is located in a very good location, close to the city center, next to the Podgorica Railway Station, covering an area of around 20,000 square meters. After over than 40 years of work, it meets the strictest requirements for arrivals and departures of buses and passengers transport in both, spatial and technical terms. Over a million customers annually make the Bus station a large and important communication and social center.

Being equipped with the latest technology for ticketing, a modern solution for fast and simple passenger circulation, improved complementary facilities, PBS is one of the most representative facilities of its kind in the region and the only one in Montenegro that meets the criteria for “A” category bus station certificate it has obtained.

  • Tel: +382 20 620 430
  • Fax: +382 20 620 910

How to get there by car?

Podgorica is a well-located town where many main roads cross. It is accessible in many ways.
The main transit directions: North (E65, E80) to Belgrade and the Central Europe, the west (E7 62) to Niksic, Bosnia and the West Europe, and south (E65, E80) to the Adriatic Sea and east (E762) to Albania. Speedy way: Petrovac at sea – Podgorica – Kolašin – Bijelo Polje – the Serbian border (connecting the north and the south of the State).
Newly built modern tunnel Sozina shortened the journey from Podgorica to Bar in less than an hour, while the already planned high-way will go round Podgorica and make travelling from Podgorica to the north and south part of the country much faster and easier.

U Podgorici je puštena u rad prva javna punionica za električne automobile. Punionica je postavljena ispred Skupštine Glavnog grada, na raskrsnici ulica Njegoševe i Vučedolske i prva je od tri planirane javne punionice u Podgorici.

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