Monument to the Innocent Victims of Podgorica in the First and Second World War

In the very heart of the city, in a peaceful residential-commercial complex, a monument-memorial stands, a testament to both the city's long and tragic past.

Ivan Crnojevic Monument

Ivan Crnojevic was the Lord of Montenegro, the most powerful ruler of the third Montenegrin state dynasty of Crnojevici.

Petar I Petrovic Njegos Monument

The bronze monument, almost seven meters high, is dedicated to the state-builder, military leader and church leader of Montenegro, Peter I Petrovic Njegos, who was canonized as St. Petar Cetinjski.

Peter II Petrovic Njegos Monument

Peter II Petrovic-Njegos was the spiritual and secular ruler of Montenegro, poet and philosopher.

King Nikola Monument

This heroic monument is dedicated to the last Montenegrin sovereign, warlord, diplomat and poet, King Nikola Petrovic.

Monument to Duke Mirko Petrovic and Montenegrin heroes involved in the liberation wars

The monument was rebuilt on 13th July, 2017, modeled on the original one, which was unveiled on 8th November, 1886, during the official opening of the landscaped square, attended personally by King Nikola, and demolished on 6th January, 1919, after the dynasty Petrovic was dethroned and the abolition of the Montenegrin state.

The monument to Princess Jelena Petrović Savoja

The monument to Princess Jelena Petrović Savoja is located in Podgorica, between two parks, a children’s park and a court park, in the center of which is the cultural and historical monument Petrović Castle.

Duke Marko Miljanov Monument

The bronze statue of Duke Marko Miljanov was made on the occasion of the centenary of his death.

Valtazar Bogisic Monument

The monument was unveiled on 19th December 2002, on the occasion of the Liberation Day of Podgorica.

Fallen heroes – Partisan the Warrior Memorial

Partisan the Warrior Memorial is located on the hill Gorica and has the status of a cultural property.