Gorica Hill

Natural Monument Gorica Hill is located at the very centre of Podgorica. This forest-park is a very popular picnic area and is a true paradise for recreationists. Gorica Hill hosts a war memorial monument to the ‘Fallen Partisans’, an Adventure park, hiking, biking and trim trails, as well as a Mediterrane­an Garden where visitors can get familiar with a significant number of endemic species. There is a magnificent view of the right side of the river Moraca, as well as of the Millennium Bridge. Gorica is attractive throughout the year, but especially in hot summer days, when the Podgorica citizens are in desperate need of shade and clean air.

In recent years, Gorica is mostly used as a place where people acquire physical condition doing various sports-recreational and professional disciplines. Staying in nature itself is healing, especially in the forest like pine trees in Gorica, and it has been proven that pines release phytocidal chemicals that purify (sterilize) the air. This reflects the health significance of Gorica for the human body. The hill is also a natural shield against the north wind in winter.

Brdo Ljubović

Brdo Ljubović (101 m above sea level) is a hum located near the center of Podgorica, ie a conical limestone hill overgrown with pines and wild species of grass and medicinal plants. Like Gorica, it represents a forest park and a picnic area in Podgorica. It is surrounded on the west, south and east by the settlement of Zabjelo, and on the north by the settlement of Stara Varos. The significance of the hill has changed throughout history. The hill was forested in the 20th century, as was the hill Gorica. The picnic area has hiking and biking trails, furnished furniture and green areas, and a modern road has been breached, which includes the most important points for walking, sports and recreation. It is attractive to visitors throughout the year. The road is not accessible by motor vehicles. Although the humps are conical in shape, each of them takes a certain direction, and Ljubović extends in a northwest-southeast direction. In the relief, despite the good afforestation, there are clearly limestone blocks on the east and north sides of the hill, where limestone erosion has taken the most momentum, and there is a smaller cave on the north side of the hill.

Kučka Korita

“The circuit around Korita” is the first fully signposted panoramic road in Montenegro. It starts in Podgorica, and it leads into the moun – tain area of Kuci up to an altitude of 1400 meters. The road is 65 kilometers long, with a good road along the entire way, which makes it convenient for a day trip. Detailed plan of the panoramic route and attractions along the route you can find at link.


On the very shore of the Skadar Lake, within the ring of the living waters, surrounded by luscious vegetation, a representative tourist complex Plavnica is located. The complex covers 20 hectares with the seven of them carefully landscaped, with numerous buildings and facilities cleverly intertwined, with their contents completing each other, attracting everybody with their beauty and elegance. The Plavnica Complex has an especially suitable location – it is in the immediate vicinity of the Podgorica – Petrovac motorway, the Belgrade – Bar railway and the International Podgorica Airport.


Just a few kilometers from the city center, Mareza is the ideal place to relax after a long and hard day. In addition to peace of the natural environment – the source of the river Mareza, visitors can enjoy gastronomic specialties of the restaurant „Mareza“ and the tourist complex „Imanje Knjaz“.

City parks

Spacious green areas make Podgorica one of the “greenest” cities in Eu­rope. Beautifully designed and maintained parks adorn the City and give citizens opportunity to rest and stroll around. In the City centre there is one of the most beautiful, and at the same time the oldest, Njegos Park, as well as Karadjordje Park and the King`s Park. The ‘Podgorica Park’ spreads on 10,000 m2, it is located just above the Moraca River, and alongside Balasevic Park it is one of the newly developed ones. Krusevac Children’s Park and numerous others with children’s playgrounds are ideal places for the little ones.

Dajbabska gora

Dajbabska gora is a hill above the suburbs of Podgorica, Zelenika, Zabjelo, Gornje and Donje Dajbabe and is an excellent viewpoint of Podgorica and its surroundings. There is an arranged, easily climbing and a half kilometer long hiking trail leading to the top of the hill. The most favorable periods for ascent are during spring, autumn and winter. At the end of the trail, at an altitude of 172 m above sea level, there is the Communication Tower – Dajbabska gora.

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