Welcome to Podgorica

Capital city of Podgorica is the adminis­trative, university, cultural and economic centre of Montenegro. Its landscape is shaped by five rivers, Moraca, Zeta, Cijevna, Ribnica, and Sitnica, and three lakes, Skadarsko, Bukumirsko, and Rikavacko. The City is surrounded by 15 mountain peaks in excess of 2000 meters. An excellent geographic position, mild Mediterranean climate, good traffic connections with the coast (50km) and the mountain area (50km), as well as relatively proximity to the airports- Airport Podgorica (12 km), Airport Tivat (81 km), and Airport Cilipi/Dubrovnik (153 km), are making Podgorica the prime tourist destination.  The City is famous for its rich and diverse flora and fauna as well as opulent parks and green areas. Podgorica is renowned for its exquisite gastronomy, which is a combination of a national and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as for its rich wine offer. It is an epicentre of numerous international cultural, theatrical, cinematic and sports events.

General information

  • Area: 1500 km²
  • Location: North of the Zeta valley
  • Nadmorska visina: 44,5 m
  • Geografske koordinate: 42˚26’ north latitude,  19˚16’ east longitude
  • Population: 187.085
  • Language: Montenegrin
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Time zone: GTM + 1 H
  • Elektro sistem: 220 V/50 HZ
  • The average number of summer days: about 135 (over 25 ˚ C)
  • Average number of rainy days: 118
  • The average number of snow days: 3
  • Relative Humidity: 59, 67
  • Climate:
    – Altitude of 120 m (lower valley of the river Morača) – Mediterranean climate
    – Altitude of 600 m (Upper Morača) – mountain air
    – The Tara Canyon – Mountain air
    – Altitude above 1000 m – high mountain air
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