Podgorica is a city characterised by harmony between traditional and modern architectural styles, as well as connection of both old and new which you can research and experience in numerous ways. You will enjoy getting acquainted with the capital of Montenegro and its rich cultural heritage, archaeological sites Doclea and Medun or Stara Varos and Clock Tower. Also, do not miss a chance to discover natural attractions, magnificent canyons of the rivers Morača and Cijevna, the magic of camping in mountains, recreations, hiking on mountains of Kuci, panoramic routes and sightseeing or simply enjoying bathing in glacial lakes while looking at mountain reflecting in them. Cruising down the Skadar Lake, seeing lake panoramas or meditating on the coast of one of five town rivers. A variety of culinary and wine offer, a mixture of Mediterranean and continental national cuisine and an extensive wine list offers local wines of premium quality.

General information

  • Area: 1500 km²
  • Location: North of the Zeta valley
  • Nadmorska visina: 44,5 m
  • Geografske koordinate: 42˚26’ north latitude,  19˚16’ east longitude
  • Population: 187.085
  • Language: Montenegrin
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Time zone: GTM + 1 H
  • Elektro sistem: 220 V/50 HZ
  • The average number of summer days: about 135 (over 25 ˚ C)
  • Average number of rainy days: 118
  • The average number of snow days: 3
  • Relative Humidity: 59, 67
  • Climate:
    – Altitude of 120 m (lower valley of the river Morača) – Mediterranean climate
    – Altitude of 600 m (Upper Morača) – mountain air
    – The Tara Canyon – Mountain air
    – Altitude above 1000 m – high mountain air