Equestrian sport

On the territory of the capital there are numerous horse clubs – Buducnost, Mountain Riders Podgorica, Perjanik, Montenegro, Vranac and Pony. Some clubs offer riding schools, as well as horseback riding through planned hiking routes (“Mountain Riders”).

Sports hiking club “Buducnost” offers both hyporehabilitation, therapeutic riding and the organization of inclusive workshops. At the location of the Horse Club “Pony” there is a mini zoo garden.

Hiking and Biking

The pedestrian-hiking trail “Gorica – Malo brdo – Duklja” and the hiking trail “Žijovo”, as well as city cycling trails, were marked with the entire length, standardized marking. Length of the track “Gorica – Malo brdo – Duklja” is 11.3 km. It starts in front of the Church of St. George, and the aim is to reach the remains of the ancient Duklje in the panoramic trail. The length of the Žijovo trail is 8.5 km. It starts at the Lake of Bukumir, and the aim is to look at the highest peaks of the Žijovo mountain: Surdup (2184 m) and Štitan (2172 m).

Adventure Park

The adventure park on the mountain Gorica offers trails on the cribs for children and the elderly, artificial the rock climbing platforms and platforms for sports activities with maximum safety and insurance according to all standards. The paths between the trees have 10 to 15 obstacles, and the maximum height is 15 meters. Trained instructors are available to visitors as well as necessary equipment. Within the complex there is an outdoor gym, a children’s playground and a mini-restaurant.

Free Climbing

In the vicinity of Podgorica, trails for free climbing are available in the village of Smokovac. The trails are at the end of the River Morača canyon and are 3 km away from the city center. The rocks in this region provide the best opportunities for climbing shorter, sporting routes, and longer routes up to 120 m high. The climbing season begins at the end of winter (February, March) and lasts until late autumn (November, December), although it can climb even throughout the year, except in the coldest winter and hottest summer days.

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