Ivanović Winery

Family Vineyard Ivanović is located in Doljani, a region known for its centuries-old tradition of growing vines and olives. Dating back to the second half of the 16th century, this vineyard represents the combination of nature, tradition, and passion, and has been connected to 16 generations, each contributing what they could. The first wines were produced in this vineyard a very long time ago.The oldest wine in bottles currently stored in the cellar is from the 1979 harvest. The production was expanded after 2010.

Today, the Ivanović vineyard has five autochthonous varieties (old Vranac, Krtošija, Čubrica, Ružica, and Razaklija) and three foreign varieties (Malbec, Marselan, and Petit Verdot).There are five labels in the winery: “La Montenegrina” (barrel-aged Malbec), “La Storia” (barrel-aged Marselan), “Nino” (barrel-aged Vranac), “Mejdan” (barrel-aged blend of Vranac, Krtošija, Čubrica, Malbec, and Petit Verdot), and “Legat” (barrel-aged late harvest).

Every product on the Ivanović estate is organic.

Website: www.ivanovic.wine
Contact phone: +38267222552

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