Duke Marko Miljanov Monument

The bronze statue of Duke Marko Miljanov was made on the occasion of the centenary of his death. The author of the monument is Oto Logo, the academic sculptor. It was unveiled on 4th May, 2001.

Marko Miljanov Popovic, a famous Montenegrin hero, duke, military leader and writer, was born in Medun in 1833. He stood out with a clear mind, physical strength and courage. He was a brave warrior, but also very active in the settlement of the hill and Arbanasi tribes. He was a brave warrior, duke and brigadier of Kuci and Bratonozici, senator and first military and civilian warden in liberated Podgorica in 1879.

The monument is located in Njegoseva Street, on a plateau in front of the Capital City- Podgorica building.

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