Vukićević Winery

In a valley known for centuries for its vine cultivation and wine production, at the heart of old Montenegro, there is a special story from the place of Beri, on the slopes of the Lješanska nahija region. This is the story of the Vukićević family, who went from a hobby to an obsession with creating drinks filled with the finest grape seeds, but also with great love.

The first archival records of this winery date back to 1989, when the vineyards were planted, and today’s capacities number 18,000 liters, spread over 4 hectares, where high-quality grape varieties are grown. The tradition of making wine from grapes from their own vineyards is maintained by two brothers – two wolves, as a symbol and trademark of the winery.In addition to the production hall and storage space for wine, the winery also has a tasting room within which, besides wine and rakia tasting, it also offers traditional domestic specialties. During the summer months, wine tastings can also be organized on the vineyard grounds.

Contact phone: +382 67 254 115
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