Radević Estate Winery

On the estate of Radević, the philosophy and approach to producing high-quality wines is simple, respecting twenty-six generations of traditional winemaking roots, while simultaneously embracing the sensibility and technology of the new world in the vineyard and winery. Respect for the land will be evident with the first sip of our wines, where passion and unwavering pursuit of quality are the foundation of our journey. The Radević family continues the family tradition of growing vineyards and producing wine near the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Dolcea in Montenegro. Through generations, the Radević family has passed down a centuries-old tradition of winemaking, and it is precisely that spirit of preserving timeless values that is so intimately connected to the recent rebirth of the winery.

Contact phone: +382 69 277 055
Website: www.radevicestate.com
FB: Radevic Estate

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