Bogojević Winery

Vineyard cultivation and wine production are a family tradition of this household. The preserved inherited authenticity is confirmed by cultivating autochthonous grape varieties – vranac and kratošija, while proof that the tradition is keeping pace with the currents of modern times is provided by a wide range of products – white, rosé, and red wines, various rakias, fruit brandies, and liqueurs. The numerous awards received are proof of the high quality of the products of this household. Visitors will be convinced of the dedication to work and success in the business by all members of the family during a tour of the estate and familiarization with the entire production process – from grapes to wine. The discovery is not just about taste, but also about color, smell, and aroma of the wine and other products from this household. In addition to tasting domestic drinks, it is also possible to enjoy delicious traditional dishes – roasted lamb or goat, which the hosts recommend if guests want to dine on this estate.

Contact phone: +382 67 248 815
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