Natural History Museum of Montenegro

In the exhibit hall of the Natural History Museum of Montenegro, a permanent exhibition titled “When Nature Speaks” was opened in 2019, which presents a unique representation of stones, minerals, as well as fossil and recent representatives of the living world from the area of Montenegro. The main mission of the Natural History Museum is to affirm the cultural and natural heritage that Montenegro is rich in. All 15 collections of the Natural History Museum have their own introductory story. The geological collections help to understand the tumultuous geological history and the creation of this Montenegrin space, and they lead us back to the very beginnings of life. The biological collections are impressive with their local beauty and diversity of recent living world and its inhabitants, and they evoke a sense of pride and satisfaction at the fact that this space has given rise to many beings that exist only in Montenegro, and at the same time has preserved many species that have become extinct in the rest of the world.

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