National Park Skadar Lake

Skadar Lake is one of the most important tourist resources in Montenegro and Podgorica. The abundance of flora and fauna, cryptodepression, and habitat of rare endangered bird species such as the wild pelican, make it unique in the region and beyond. Visitors are offered many delights and recreational opportunities. These include hiking and biking trails, boat cruises, beach relaxation, visits to island churches and monasteries. There is also Vranjina, an island and a unique village on Lake Skadar. It is known as  “Montenegrin Venice” due to its natural environment and specific atmosphere. On Vranjina, there is a Visitors Center, where the relief models of all national parks in Montenegro are, as well as information about the natural and cultural heritage of each one and exhibits of animal species too. Near the Center, there is an island and a fortress  Lesendro form 18th-century.

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