Gorica Hill and Adventure Park

Brdo Gorica is located in close proximity to the center of Podgorica, and it’s a very popular recreational destination, making it a paradise for recreation enthusiasts.

Ljubović Hill

Brdo Ljubović (101 meters) is a hill located near the center of Podgorica, specifically a limestone crest overgrown with pine trees and natural grasses and medicinal plants.

Adventure Park

Adventure Park on Gorica Hill offers trails for children and adults, a skillful rock wall for climbing, and platforms for sports activities with maximum safety and insurance meeting all standards.


Just a few kilometers from the city center, Mareza is an ideal place to relax after a tiring work day.

City parks

The wide green areas make Podgorica one of the “greenest” cities in Europe.

Dajbabska gora

Dajbabska Gora is a hill above the suburban settlements of Podgorica, Zelenike, Zabjel, Gornji and Donji Dajbaba, and it is an excellent vantage point for viewing Podgorica and its surroundings.