How to get there

Podgorica is the hub of all main roads in the country. Besides the hospitality of the people,safety is something that is meant when you come to the capital of Montenegro.

Podgorica has excellent geographical location, good road and air connections. The proximity of European centers of the north and the south of Montenegro make it easily accessible. Distance from the Adriatic Sea is about 40 km of the air line and 60 km of the ground line and just 19 km far from Lake Skadar. It is situated at a distance of 12 km from Podgorica Airport, 81 km from Tivat Airport and 153 km from Cilipi in Dubrovnik ( Croatia ).

Distance from other cities in Montenegro:

  • Podgorica - Cetinje  30 km
  • Podgorica - Budva  65 km
  • Podgorica - Bar  60 km (tunel Sozina)
  • Podgorica - Ulcinj  95 km
  • Podgorica - Kotor  90 km
  • Podgorica - Herceg Novi  125 km
  • Podgorica - Nikšić  54 km

Buses from various places are coming in Podgorica, a journey by train from Belgrade through the mountains is a great introduction to the visit to Montenegro.