A source of the river Morača is in northern Montenegro, under the mountain Rzač. It is 113 kilometers long and runs from north to south. It flows into the Lake Skadar. In its northern part, Morača is fast mountain river, and the canyon crosses it in the north of Podgorica. After the merger with its largest tributary, Zeta, norther of Podgorica, Morača enters the Zeta valley, until it flows into Lake Skadar. Morača is a relatively small river, more than 100 m wide and mostly shallow, and therefore its course hasn’t changed over time. Its canyon is part of the main road connecting the north of the country with Podgorica and the coastline. The river Morača is considered to be one of the symbols of Podgorica, and it is the largest river flowing through the city.


River Cijevna, the left-hand tributary of the river Morača, in hot summer days is the favourite meeting place for Podgorica citizens. The River with its pristine waters and beautiful canyon, which is so narrow in some places that it can be jumped over, is located just 4 km far from the City centre. Waterfall at Rakić House (popular Niagara) about ten metres high, gets weaker in the sum­mer so swimmers can safely enjoy the River and cool down just a few metres from it.


The Zeta River is 86 km long. At the mouth, it has more water than the Morača River, but the Morača River is long­er and has a straight flow. The waters of the Zeta River are exploited by three hydropower plants. Zeta is a real water and fishing gem, with indigenous trout and other fish species. When it becomes a nature park, a fishing moratorium is planned to be introduced.

The valley of the River Zeta and the river itself is an important ecosystem for Montenegro.

Out of 352 registered bird species in Montenegro, 20 percent of the total number are birds with preserved habitat, and all these species are present in this area.

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