Wine Cellar – Plantaže 13. jul

It is one of the largest and most beautiful vineyards in Europe, covering an area of 2,300 hectares, with approximately 11.5 million vines.

The vineyards are bounded by the Cijevna River, a tributary that, seeking its path to Morača and the sea, has carved out a picturesque mini-canyon through ancient rocks. Although the vineyard is vast and the parcels are very far from each other, visitors are allowed to fully explore it, with a glass of sparkling wine and a leisurely ride on a tourist train that winds through this vineyard kingdom, where 29 different grape varieties are grown, including the most notable indigenous Montenegrin varieties: Vranac and Krstač. Vranac is the undisputed ruler of the Ćemovsko field, occupying almost two-thirds of the vineyard.

After exploring the vineyard, it is impossible to miss visiting the Šipčanik cellar and experiencing the impressive atmosphere of a unique wine cellar in Europe, savoring unforgettable scents and tastes – in the “bouquet” of Montenegro.

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