Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Using Arbitrum Bridges

  • Go to the official Arbitrum Bridge
  • Bridge 0.02 ETH to Arbitrum ONE
  • Bridge 0.005 ETH to Arbitrum NOVA
  • Add Arbitrum ONE to Metamask with Chainlist

Step 2: Join Arbitrum Discord

Disclaimer: It takes 10mins to be verified.

Step 3: Arbitrum Guild & Complete Quests for Discord Roles

  • Join the Arbitrum Guild & connect all your Social Media Accounts
  • Complete ALL tasks for Discord Roles:
Long way (60–90min): Swap tokens manually on various DEXEs Short way (1min): Shortcut Tool (Smart Contract Interaction): The Smart Contract Bundle for 0.01 ETH sends you 17 coins and you receive 17/19 roles instantly.

Step 4: Quest3 Tasks

  • Go to Quest 3 Arbdrop Portal
  • Complete as many Quests as you can. Most of them will let you mint a NFT at the end.

Step 5: Layer3 Bounties

Step 6: Liquidity Providing

  • Supply Liquidity on Sushi
  • Stake LP on DPX-WETH Farm
  • Manage PX-WETH Farm and Deposit DPX-WETH LP

Step 7: Uniswap Trade on Arbitrum

  • Connect wallet on Uniswapand buy/sell any coin

Step 8: Umami Finance dAPP Interaction

  • Connect wallet & Deposit on Umami

Step 9: Arbitrum Odyssey NFT — Week 1

Step 10: Interaction + Week 2 NFT Odyssey

  • Make Leverage Trade (min. 10$ long/short position) on
  • Buy/stake GLP on GMX
  • Swap ETH to USDC to ETH a few times for volume on

Step 11: Arbitrum Odyssey NFT — Week 3 (Optional)

Step 12: Gnosis Safe Interaction

  • Go to Gnosis Safe
  • Create Multisig Wallet (Enter 2 of your wallets — select 2 required sigs)
  • Send 0.001 ETH to new multisig wallet
  • Send max. ETH back using multisig

Step 13: Radiant Capital

Step 14: Arbitrum NOVA Interaction

  • Add RPC Arbitrum Nova on Chainlist
  • Connect wallet to RCP Swap and buy any coin(s) & make a few trades for volume.