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Volleyball Federation of Montenegro will organize the fourth "Balkan volleyball kids festival (" Children's Festival of volleyball "), on Saturday, May 13, during the period from 10 am to 14 pm, at the Independence Square, in the framework of the project initiated by the Balkan volleyball association, with the aim of promotion of volleyball in our country.

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EU Delegation in Montenegro, with the support of the EU Info Center, will traditionally celebrate 9th May, Europe Day. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome and the 30th anniversary of Erasmus, the oldest program of the European Union in the field of education.

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The grand children diplomatic final of the "Montenegro in the rhythm of Europe“ competition will be held on Saturday 29th April, at the sports complex "Verde" in Podgorica, with a live broadcast stream from 5 PM on RTCG TV channel.

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For the first time, Montenegro will host the international EUROVIDEO Short Film Festival in the "Budo Tomovic" CIC from March 15 to 17, organized by the Center for Multimedia Production and the heart of the city's culture.

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The National Association of Sommeliers of Montenegro and the Wine Academy of Montenegro, under the auspices of the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, will organize the 16th and 17th March - the 8th Salon of Monte Vino wine in 2018, which will be held in the "Crystal Hall" of the hotel "Hilton Podgorica Montenegro"

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Seventeen-year-old Montenegrin guitarist Miloš Pavićević will perform his first solo concert in the framework of the CIC's "Young Talents" concert cycle on Wednesday, March 14, at the DODEST Hall at 7 PM.

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We invite you to the PRESS conference within which will be announced the premiere of the play "Do not hurry, stop! Keep your head my friends! " of Small atelier Arlekin.

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On March 14 and 15, 2018 in Delta City will be organized a meeting of Montenegrin fashion designers, graduates and half-graduates.

The organizers of this fashion event are the Fashion Chamber of Montenegro and Shopping Center Delta City. This will be an opportunity for Montenegrin graduates and half-graduates to choose for their special evening some of the author's works of designer.

Within the Delta Fashion Days, their collections will be presented by some of our most successful fashion designers, such as:

- Marina Banović Džuver,

- Lazar Ilić

- Kristina i Lazar Ilić - HUNT

- Nataša Pejović

- Sanja Bobar

- Nada Koljnšić

- Dejana Lukić - Madam Maya,

- Jelena Roganović Đurić,

-Tijana Medenica,

- Milena Vujačić, a očekuje se potvrda još nekoliko dizajnera.

Except this will be an opportunity for two days of graduates to find with all the fashion designers in one place, which will make it easier for them to choose the combination for their special evening, designers will give useful fashion tips to all the graduates.

Although the focus is on graduates and half-graduates, this is an ideal opportunity to find the perfect fashion combination and to anyone who plans their wedding this summer, compadre, or some important event they want to glitter in order to get to know more about what our designers are offering. Fashion lovers will have the opportunity to see, compare and assure that every design of our fashion artists is original and unique.

We expect your!


Saturday: 6:55 PM



Wednesday: 8:00 PM



Thursday: 8:00 PM, 8:30 PM, 10:00 PM

Fri / Sun / Mon / Tue: 7:30 PM, 9:45 PM

Saturday: 4:10 PM, 8:30 PM

Wednesday: 7:30 PM, 10:00 PM



Working days: 7:00 PM, 9:20 PM, 10:45 PM

Weekend: 7:00 PM, 9:20 PM, 10:45 PM



Saturday: 1:50 PM, 8:40 PM

The days off: 4:15 PM, 8:40 PM



Thu / Sat: 6:30 PM, 10:40 PM

Fri / Sun / Mon / Tue / Wed: 6:30 PM, 8:30 PM



Fri / Sun / Mon / Tu / Su: 10:30 PM



Thu: 5:00 PM, 7:15 PM, 9:45 PM

Fri / Mon / Tue: 5:00 PM, 7:40 PM, 10:15 PM

Weekend: 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 7:40 PM, 10:15 PM

Wednesday: 5:00 PM, 9:45 PM


Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Thu / Wed: 6:20 PM, 10:15 PM

Fri / Mon / Tue: 6:20 PM, 10:00 PM

Weekend: 6:20 PM, 10:00 PM



Thu / Wed: 3:45 PM

Fri / Mon / Ut: 4:00 PM

Weekend: 4:00 PM



3D Working days: 3:00 PM, 4:45 PM

Weekend: 11:30 AM, 1:15 PM, 3:00 PM, 4:45 PM

2D Working days: 3:30 PM, 5:15 PM

Weekend: 12:00 AM, 1:45 PM, 3:30 PM, 5:15 PM



Thu / Wed: 7:45 PM

Fri / Sat / Sun / Mon / Tue: 8:00 PM



3D Working days: 4:30 PM

Weekend: 1:30 PM, 4:30 PM



Thu / Wed: 5:45 PM

Fri / Sat / Sun / Mon / Tue: 6:00 PM


EARLY MAN synchronized

Working days: 3:15 PM

Weekend: 12:30 PM, 2:15 PM


Elias og Storegaps Hemmelighet synchronized

Weekend: 11:00 AM


COCO 3D synchronized

Saturday: 11:45 AM

Sunday: 11:45 AM, 2:10 PM


FERDINAND 3D synchronized

Weekend: 11:15 AM

Podgorica, March 6, 2018 - A true story portrayed on the big screen by Miloš Biković and his girlfriend Aglaja Tarasova "Lyod" will be premiered at the Cineplekk Delta Citi cinema in the Ladies Night event on Thursday, March 8, starting at 8 PM. Due to great interest, another projection was added at 08:30 PM. All visitors are expecting a drink of goodies champagne Mionetto Prosecco and a gift fashion magazine Elle, and tickets are already on sale. Inspired by true events, "Lyod" is an emotional story about a girl whose love helped to get up from wheelchairs and become the world's champion in skating.

From early childhood, Nadja believed in miracles. She imagined her running on the ice with ovations of the audience and performing her most beautiful dance. Because of her faith and perseverance, she becomes a famous skater. On the step from the greatest success in his career, Nadja suffers serious injury and ends in invalid wheelchairs.

Returning to her hometown of Irkutsk, she finds her dreams again - thanks to the power of Siberia in her blood, as well as the unexpected love of the hockey Sasha. Tickets for the film "Lyod" and "Ladies Night" are available at the box office of Cineplexx Delta City cinema.

More information can be found at, while the movie trailer can be viewed at the following link:

Concert program within the "Composers from Shadow " cycle dedicated to the affirmation of the musical creativity of women will be held on Thursday, March 8, at the Great Hall of the CIC "Budo Tomovic", at 8 PM.

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We can hardly ever thank women enough for everything what they are. For the warmth and tenderness which they bring into our lives. Remind them of the gratitude you feel on this 8th of March and proudly celebrate International Women's Day with mothers, sisters or friends. Be their reminder of all the good deeds that make the world a better place to live.

In order to help design a special day for our ladies, on March 7 and 8 at City Mall we organize the manifestation "Eighth March for All Generations".

Every minute of this two-day festival is carefully designed: from consultation with an astrologer, through aesthetic correction advice, to choosing an ideal gift.


18:00 Astrologer, Svetlana Studen


15:00 Personal trainer Valentina Perosevic, Fitness Miha Studio

18:00 Silk Eyelash Upgrade, Dragana Strugar

18:00 Astrologer, Svetlana Studen

18:30 All about aesthetic medicine, Dr. Ivana Bjelanovic

18:30 The Japanese method of drawing eyebrows, Cosmetologist Kristina Kuch

19:00 Music performance, Jelena Zvicer

19:00 All about straightening hair using keratin, Violeta Vukomanovic

+ over 20 exhibitors, gifts, poopusti, surprises ...

See you at City Mall!


Podgorica, March 2, 2018 - Maya the Bee in the new exciting adventure for the entire family has arrived on the big screen of the cinema Cineplexx Delta City, and on that occasion, on Sunday, March 4, the Family Day for the youngest visitors will be held.

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The review dedicated to the actress with the highest nominations for the "Oscar" award Meril Strip will be organized within the film program of the Cultural and Information Center "Budo Tomovic" from 5 to 8 March.

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The exhibition of works by Jovana Vujanovic under the name "Re-play" will be opened on Thursday, March 1, at 8 PM in the Center for Contemporary Art of Montenegro.

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Thursday: 5:20 PM, 8:00 PM, 10:40 PM

Fri / Mon / Tue / Wed: 5:00 PM, 7:40 PM, 10:15 PM

Weekend: 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 7:40 PM, 10:15 PM


Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

Thursday: 7:00 PM, 8:15 PM, 10:45 PM

Fri / Mon / Tue / Wed: 3:45 PM, 8:15 PM, 10:45 PM

Weekend: 4:20 PM, 8:15 PM, 10:45 PM



Thu / Fri: 4:15 PM, 6:45 PM

Weekend: 4:00 PM, 6:45 PM

Mon / Sun: 7:00 PM, 9:15 PM

Wednesday: 4:15 PM, 7:00 PM



3D Working days: 3:00 PM, 4:45 PM, 6:30 PM

Weekend: 11:30 AM, 1:15 PM, 3:00 PM, 4:45 PM, 6:30 PM

2D Working days: 3:30 PM, 5:15 PM

Weekend: 12:00 AM, 1:45 PM, 3:30 PM, 5:15 PM



Thursday: 7:30 PM, 10:30 PM

Other days: 6:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 10:30 PM



Thu / Fri / Wednesday: 9:45 PM

Weekend: 9:45 PM

Mon / Sun: 4:15 PM, 9:45 PM



Working days: 3:00 PM

Weekend: 2:20 PM



3D Working days: 7:15 PM

Weekend: 1:30 PM, 7:15 PM

2D Working days: 4:30 PM

Weekend: 4:30 PM



Thu / Fri: 8:45 PM, 10:00 PM

Weekend: 8:45 PM, 10:00 PM

Mon / Tue / Wed: 6:45 PM, 8:45 PM, 10:00 PM


EARLY MAN synchronized

Weekend: 12:30 PM, 2:15 PM


Elias og Storegaps Hemmelighet synchronized

Weekend: 11:00 AM


COCO synchronized

3D Weekend: 11:45 AM


FERDINAND synchronized

3D Weekend: 11:15 AM

2D Weekend: 12:15 PM





Thursday, 1.03.


9:30 PM- Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri


Friday, 2.03

7:00 PM- The Shape of Water

9:30 PM- The Square


Saturday, 3.03.

7:00 PM- All The Money In The World

9:30 PM- Call Me By Your Name


Sunday, 4.03.

7:00 PM- Phantom Thread

9:30 PM- And, Tonya

More popular Split's clapboard composition Contra will be presented to the premiere Podgorica audience on Friday, March 2 at the Great Scene of the CIC "Budo Tomović"  from 8 PM.

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The Cultural and Information Center "Budo Tomović" will traditionally organize about 30 different and quality art programs in March.

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The collection of poetry "Before publication" of poet Djordje Scepovic will be presented at the CIC "Budo Tomovic" in the framework of the cycle "Contemporary Montenegrin Literature", on Wednesday, February 28 in the DODEST hall at 7 PM.

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An exhibition of paintings "Variations" by Todor Živaljević Veličko and Anđelka Ljumović will be opened at the exhibition hall of the CIC "Budo Tomović" on February 26th at 7 PM.

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