The Skender Cauševa- Starodoganjska Mosque

This mosque was built by Skender Čaušin in the late 15th century . Besides the mosque in the fort, named Mehmed Han, above the confluence of Ribnica and Morača, it was the only mosque in Varoš until 1582.

It was renovated many times. Larger repairs were made in 1985. In the courtyard of the mosque there are the premises of the Islamic community in Podgorica and the Islamic community in Montenegro.

The  Osmanagic  Mosque

The Osmanagić Mosque and the Clock tower were built by Hadji Mehmed- pasha Osmanagić in the late 18th century. Both were built at the same time. The mosque was maintained by the Lukačević  brothers and therefore mentioned as the Lukačević mosque. Mehmed Pasha Osmanagić built a tomb for himself in the courtyard of the mosque.

During World War II bombing has caused extensive damage, and it was the ruin up to 1997, when it was thoroughly renovated.